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I have acquired a lovely collection of photos that I took while in Italy, and I didn’t plan to stray from those for this project.  But, the lovely lady behind Bleeding Espresso took a snapshot, and I just couldn’t resist.  So, this one is dedicated to Michelle and her her journey, as well as all of our own travels through dark’n’stormy (ooh, rum allusion!) nights.

Because what is greater than the roll of thunder- the kind that makes the ground rattle and the bones shake and the sky shiver?  On the horizon, still too far to pose a threat, but looming closer at a rate that increases your own heartbeat?  The kind of rumbling in the sky that makes the soul tickle with anticipation of a promised downpour and an unforgettable night?  When the sky illuminates, the trees glow, and the shadows get a little bit darker.  When the land becomes quite and the air becomes charged.  When it’s just you, and nature, and something so much bigger than words can ever describe.

And then it pours, and it howls, and it clatters.  Until it fades into a comforting drizzle, and the air is fresher, thinner, clearer.  And everything is recharged, energized, brighter than before.

That is beauty at its best.

Allora, Canvas Six:

Canvas Six