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I know that it’s been a while- but, I would merely like to say THANK YOU for all of your continued support and donations.  My art show was a great success- best night of my life, hands down.  I am still overwhelmed at everyone that showed up and contributed and encouraged and told me some of the best compliments that I could ever come up with.

A month later, I am settled down in my new temporary home in Ancona- wow!  Still trying to detangle myself from Austin, but very much looking forward to getting this Italian thing to work.

And come up with another art project… after so many months of constant production, the past month of nothing has not been too self-fulfilling in the art sense.

If you’re interested in my new life in Italy, follow me on elefantini!  And if you just care about the art… I hope to post a new series on here soon 🙂

And again, grazie a tutti!