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What a bittersweet day!

Ladies and gentlemen, I uncover Canvas Twenty-Five:

Into The Wild

Into The Wild

Time to break tradition- this is actually a self-portrait 🙂
Photo credit goes to Matteo- my first Couch Surfer in the Marche region that took me on my first Marche adventure: a slippery hike through rainy, mountainous forests that included a near-death experience with a wild cow at the end of a mile-long, pitch-black “tunnel” with a very perilous ground.  And an isolated monk with a motor scooter and poison ivy and an impromptu hail storm that resulted in a clear, quiet sunset.  Oh, Italy.

I’m not sure what else to write here to wrap this project up- other than that this has been the most satisfying five-and-a-half months of my life when it comes to creation.  It’s been a constant stream of inspiration and passion for these paints.  I’ve loved mixing every hue and staying up through every night.  I’ve loved getting lost in memories and daydreaming up new ones.

Now, it’s time to plan an art show in Austin.  And buy that one-way plane ticket, and sell everything, and pack a bag, and make the hop across the ocean.

But, fear not, 25 Canvases will continue to live.  I will continue to paint, no matter where I am.  I like the concept of the project as well.  So, I’m thinking, I can do other countries as their own series.  Have a series for France and a series for Turkey and a series for Ireland and every other country in the world.  And always have a plane ticket as a reward- even if it will not necessarily be one-way.

And I will always keep adding paintings of Italy.  Because I’ll be living there soon and will only keep getting inspired by the view outside my doorway.  So… don’t leave me; I won’t leave this blog.

Grazie mille a tutti.  E’ stata una avventura.

And I hope that this is just the beginning, and that there will be many more adventures on the horizon.