When it comes down to it, I am just a girl with a passion and a mission:

Art and moving to Italy.

As soon as the 25 old canvases are repainted, it’s time to pack a bag and buy a one-way ticket.

Other than that, I’m an artist that loves to color outside of the lines and considers straight lines overrated.  I thrive on the feeling of putting on my red backpack and sandals, with no plans except to explore a new place.  I want to see the world, but in the process got a little bit (va bene, molto) hooked on Italy.  And while this kind of hinders those worldly vagabond dreams, I do not mind in the least.  When it’s time to move on again, it’ll be time to move on again.  I want to live in the moment, not lingering on the past or expecting anything from the future.  I want to taste new flavors and see new colors and learn new languages and share new memories with others.  I want to fill up a dozen more moleskin notebooks and have enough stock pictures to last me a lifetime.

When I am not at school (which consists of every Italian course I could sneak into) or at work (which consists of being a charming waitress at a cozy European bistro and wandering around backstage at Texas Performing Arts), and not working on 25 Canvases…- wait, is there any time actually left?  Huh.  If so, I spend it taking long walks around Austin, playing with food, enjoying wine, plucking strings and calling it music, and daydreaming about the next adventure.

Perché abbiamo tutta la vita davanti.

9 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Ciao! Great idea! I look forward to following you as you travel in Italy. I love the Italian language and try to get to Italy as often as I can so your desire to paint and travel in Italy very inspiring. It will be fun to see how you get on and the work that you create. If you get to Rome you should look up Kelly Medford, she is also an artist who studied in florence and then never came home! (http://www.kellymedford.blogspot.com) You can also check out my Italian language blog at studentessamatta.com where the language is always a work in progress! It’s always about the journey right? un abbraccio!

    • Oh, us people that find home when least expecting it. Thank you for the links- I will definitely explore!

      The journey is the best part about life 🙂


  2. benleeirene said:

    It’s been a long time since I was in Italy, but I’m determined to go back!

  3. there’s nothing like a one way ticket to start an adventure 🙂 here’s to a lifetime full of them! much love on your journey – olenka – someone whom ewa helped to find her heart

  4. Not a fan of Italy by far, but have to admit your art is amazing!
    Hope you keep painting, where ever you go. : )

  5. kwidyani said:

    i found your blog while i was looking at photos of Burano. What a great project you have here and love your paintings!

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