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As a final huzzah before moving from Austin, TX to Ancona, Italy, I am putting together a one-night art show to say good-bye to the (512), see old friends, meet new ones, sell some art, and share some inspiration.


I am inviting friends, family, and the entire Italian community in Austin, but all are more than welcome.  Whether you love expressive landscape paintings, want to mingle with fellow artists, are looking to meet international people, want to listen to some great live music, are craving some Italian wine, or just want to come out for a colorful night- dai, vienni!  Come join us for an evening of fun, art, culture, and beauty.

This show is a tribute to how intensely Italy has inspired my life: the new compositions, new sounds, new friends, new goals, and plenty of spontaneous adventures.  This show is a tribute to how profoundly a place can invoke appreciation and change in an individual.  This show is a display of one girl’s passion for one land; but also, a celebration of finding one’s home in the world.  No matter how far away and foreign it may seem, it feels more comfortable and inviting than anything ever has before.

25 canvases and a one-way plane ticket.

Hope to see you all there!  A presto!

Canvas 25, "Into The Wild"

Canvas 25, “Into The Wild”


All proceeds from paintings will be used as travel money to get me from Point A (Austin) to Point B (Ancona), so all purchases are greatly appreciated!  Pay Pal options will be made available, for those too far away to physically attend the show.