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Alright, dear readers:  we are all caught up.  After this post,  I have no more convenient folder of images ready to be uploaded.  After this post, all of the canvases in my room are blank.  After this point, there shall be no more daily updates of all of the last month’s work.  What does that mean?  Motivation!  To make more art.  Hopefully to update on a (more-or-less) weekly basis.  If nothing else, Elefantini will once again be updated with random snippets of Italian photographs, music, and rambles.

Anywho: Canvas Five (project 20% completed!)

One lovely spring day, I decided to take a walk around Ancona.  I ended up 12 km southeast in Portonovo- a secluded gulf with a couple of restaurants that might just be the culinary gem of the Adriatic coast.  There were cliffs, little dirt paths, and a lot of walking on the side of the road involved to reach this pearl of the the riviera.  There was a long hike back up the mountain to get back on the road.  It was a very fulfilling walk.

Except that it took me eights hours to reach Portonovo (don’t judge, there were a lot of scenic picnics and nomad journal entries on the way), and the sun was now starting to set.  And there’s no streetlamps along Via del Conero, nor are there sidewalks.  Nor buses, because it was either a Sunday or a holiday or a random day on which the buses didn’t feel like functioning.

I walked until the sky turned pitch black and every passing car was honking at me.  That’s when I decided that I had to do one of two things:  stick my thumb out or play the damsel-in-distress and call my Italian Friend.  I did the latter, then curled up in the cold, on the side of the road, until my knight in shining white Fiat armor came to rescue me.

But before darkness fell, I got to see one of my favorite sunsets of Italy:

Marche Sunset