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At the beginning of this project, I had a very shallow, fleeting doubt that I would not have a vast enough collection of photographs of Italy to keep me going. Now, five months later and two canvases away from finish, I am having a very difficult time picking images/colors/atmospheres that I would like to portray.  Primarily because there are so many more snapshots that I would like to paint.

Maybe, once I set up my art studio on the other side of the world, I can re-commence and do another 25.  Or 250 ; )

For now, Canvas Twenty-Three:

Venetian Doorway

Venetian Doorway

I’m not one to succumb to tourist temptations, but I’ll never turn down a gondola ride through Venice.  Maybe it’s a lingering love for Phantom of the Opera, or the fact that that was always my first thought of Italy (not very original, I know- but I’ve grown since)… but, there’s something deeply romantic about floating through this historical labyrinth, turning into little canals and imagining the homes and lives that are found behind dilapidated archways such as this one.  Especially on a still evening in the late autumn, when the Venetian streets are empty and you need a blanket to bundle up in.

And an Italian Phantom to sing to you.