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Canvas twenty, folks! 🙂

Wintertime in Senigallia

Wintertime in Senigallia

As you all probably know by now, the Adriatic Coast holds a special part in my heart- especially the entire Ancona region.  And while I love the greenery and scenic cliffs of Monte Conero, when it comes to cities, Senigallia would have to be my favorite.  International people, universities, secret Parisian literary cocktail lounges, cozy bookstores, delicious and adorable restaurants with underground wine cellars, art galleries, summer festivals, a music scene, theatre, and, of course, the sea.

This is how I remember Senigallia from my last trip to Italy in December:  cold, a little bit dreary, windy, almost still.  Fading into the distance, yet all around you.  And while it doesn’t have the warm, welcoming feel of heavy summer evenings with aperitivos in the piazzas or music performances on the beach, this quiet, grey-er Senigallia still remains a fond memory.

Five more canvases, and it feels wonderful.  Thank you, everyone, for your continued support.  I cherish the comments more than anything :]