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Let’s start with this: I had a lot more fun painting this one than photographing it.

Roman Twilight

Roman Twilight

Two nights without sleep and almost a full day inbetween of just splattering paint… that’s my favorite kind of line-up.  (Especially when it is surrounded on both sides with Lion King performances.)  And, though I have never had a more difficult time figuring out what color the sky is, and it’s a larger canvas, it was still a very fun canvas to paint.

However, trying to take a picture of a larger canvas with many little strokes during sunny afternoons is not quite as much fun.  I still don’t think the real feel of the canvas is captured perfectly, but I’ve come to the end of my photography skills.  So, I’ll settle for this and include a close-up, to prove that I’m not lying ; )


Disclaimer aside, this is interpreted from an older photograph I took in the outskirts of Rome.  I found myself a CouchSurfer for the night after flying in from Turkey, but the profile was a little bit misleading.  First of all, he was not exactly in Rome, and second of all, he was not a cheery man.  I’m not quite sure why he wanted to meet new people if he’s against the entire human race.  But… after an awkward airport pick-up and before an even more awkward electricity-less house prank, we did go look at some Roman ruins and visited the Pope’s private summer village.  Nearby, there was also a beautiful ‘town’ perched on a cliff with the tiniest strawberries that I have ever seen (but 100x as sweet), as well as a beautiful sunset over a bridge with a magnificent collection of arches supporting the entire structure.  Point being, it was still a good stop-over before heading back to Marche.

And this is that sunset.  Uncharacteristic sky colors, cars wheeling by, and darkness settling into the summer heat.  It’s hard not to find a reason to smile in Italy, methinks.  It’s almost like the reasons are the ones looking for you… and they do not mind being over-whelming at all.