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Canvas Sixteen is dedicated to all of the stray cats in Italy.  For a cat lover such as myself, the following of cats one acquires while strolling through streets is just another reason why even such simple tasks as walking to the grocery store are better yonder.  I am currently reading a book about central Italy, and one of the included articles is My Italy by Erica Jong.  In it, she says: “The joy of Italy consists of doing ordinary things in extraordinary places.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Canvas 16

Palace Cat

This particular cat is a friend I made this winter while visiting Palazzo, a tiny little hilltop village in the middle of nowhere.  It was absolutely deserted, except for this cat.  Or so I thought, until I was crawling around the ground and hopping around like a frog in order to get a nice picture of Signor Gatto when a man strolls around the corner and almost trips over me as I pounce directly into his path.  I’m not sure if he was more frightened or I more embarrassed.

This is what came out of the event though, so I think that the adventure was worth it : )