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I’m back from my little hop to Italy, and I am finally out of all of the bed-rest and urgent cares I’ve been living in since coming back.  I am starting my 2013 today; resolutions include some more travel, a lot more reading, a transatlantic move, and many days of art.

We’ll commence with Canvas Fourteen- it felt so good to pick up a paintbrush again.

Canvas 14

Macchina, Ciao!

There’s not much of a story included with this image.  For me, this is just another snapshot of Italy:  rows of scooters leaning in the same direction, four-leaf clovers in the middle of a town piazza, old Fiats against terracotta walls.  Thin pizzas with a glass of red wine, moka pots with steam coming out of them, green-white-red flags perched high upon masts.  All of those stereotypical, iconic thoughts that really do exist; the things that you see and that make you wonder if this is real life or one, big stage.

It’s real though : )

So, I raise my glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to a year full of shared dinners, long walks through nature, and new colors.  Cheers to all~