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As you probably gathered in my last post, 25 Canases is officially half-way done!

To celebrate:

(a) I put up the completed canvases at Blue Dahlia Bistro through January 4th; so, if you are in the Austin area, go check them out in real life and tell me what you think (and contribute to my Italy fund).

Blue Dahlia display

(b) In order to toast to the halfway mark with a proper spritz, I went to Italy for a couple of weeks.  Which I was really trying to not do, until the entire project is complete, but- hey, technically this is still a “two-way ticket” (last one?!), and I convinced myself that I need more reference pictures.  But, really, I just missed the wines and cuddles.

Oh, it is going to be very hard to go back to the States and finish up this project now.  But, I suppose, there’s even more motivation to complete it ASAP and then get back into the footpaths of the rest of th untraveled world.

Grazie mille for all for your ‘like’s, comments, messages, and encouragement!  ’tis all muchly appreciated.