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Canvas Nine is dedicated to the Italian city most special to me (other than Ancona, of course): Verona.

Canvas Nine

Nightfall in Verona

I combined a few images that I took, but they were all from a spontaneous 2010 trip to Italy while visiting my father in Germany: my first ‘real’ solo trip with hostels and an utter lack of plans, as well as my first real heartbreak inspired by leaving Italia.

It was with this trip that I started keeping a daily list of things-I-did-today-that-I-don’t-normally-do in my little, black travel journal.  I rented a room in a B&B for a few days, walked around a lot through cobblestoned streets, took long baths, drank cheap wine, ate pasta, and sat for hours in the plaza, writing song lyrics and watching people load in golden sphynxes into the Arena for the Aida opera that would begin in a couple of weeks.  Coincidentally, almost exactly a year later, I was back in Verona, filling in the last few pages of aforementioned black travel journal, watching the same golden sphynxes being loaded in- but this time, Verona was just a pit stop on the way back to Marche from a wonderful week in Salzburg.  And I actually watched Aida.
(And next year, it looks like I’ll be back in the same arena.  Because I just bought a ticket to see Eros Ramazzotti in Verona in September 2013, mhm.  Meaning, I have no choice but to be in Italy by then!)

Anywho… I’m not exactly sure what it is about this city, but I love, love, love it.  And keep coming back to it.  With best friends.  With strangers.  Alone.  With Italian lovers.  And I’ve always enjoyed every minute of it.

So, here’s a toast to warm summer nights in Italian plazas, to checkered tablecloths, to old amphitheaters, and to cliche balconies 🙂

PS:  I learned that the plural of ‘sphynx’ would be sphinges.  But I don’t like how that sounds, so we’ll stick with sphynxes.  I hope that’s alright.