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Talk about having an artistically-productive week!

If you’re feeling inspired, I recommend that you cancel whatever it is that you have planned and just art your little heart out.  And if you do have the time, but you’re not feeling inspired, don’t force it (I can already feel a mighty wind of disagreement with that statement; I completely respect your opinion).  But, when spare time and inspiration overlap, that’s got to be one of the best combinations in the world.

So, Canvas Eight.  For the first time this 25 Canvas journey, I meshed together some images and resorted to a paintbrush for a few strokes.  And I approve of both.

If you’re ever been to Italy in the summer, and you’ve ever been to the beach, I’m sure that this view is all too familiar.  There are men, and they sit, and they talk sometimes, and they watch, always, and they become as much part of the scenery as the pebbles of the shore, the striped umbrellas, or the volleyball nets.  They are there, day after day, usually in the same outfit, and often in the same order.  And when they’re not, you notice.

This canvas is dedicated to the many lazy afternoons spent lounging on my friend’s patch of beach:  Blue Note Beach.  Many great memories, many great people, many great sunsets, many great barbecues, many great matches of burraco.  And much more.  Thank you.

Canvas Eight

Spiaggia, Sinistra