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I’m not one to usually get up before the sun- especially long enough before the sun to allow time for some yoga and then walk across the city to scale down the cliff and watch the sunrise from the rocks of Passetto.  When in Italy?  No biggie.  I’ll get up as early as necessary to watch the sunrise and stay up as late as necessary to watch the sunset.  Because both take my breath away every single time.

Did you know that Ancona is one of the few places in the world from which you can watch the sunrise and the sunset over the sea?  As if this little port city wasn’t amazing enough already.

So, this is sunrise.

Passetto Sunrise

Best companions:  cup of tea and a blanket to sit on.  Even if in a few hours the air will be thick and hot in all of its summer glory, the first couple of hours of light are still refreshing.   Watching a couple of fishermen sail off into the glowing horizon, an old lady or two wade along the shore, and a variety of birds swopping up and down, it’s hard to imagine a better way to start another day.