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Alright, now it starts to get fun!

When I laid down the base colors on this canvas before heading over to Italy for two weeks, this was just another painting-in-process stashed away in the corner of my room.  When I came back from my little trip, it was The Canvas.  It was Canvas Number One of Twenty-Five.  It was The Beginning, The First One, The Manifestation of The Project.

“Streets of Florence”

With the previous paintings, the biggest challenge (and fun!) lay in trying to create that exact hue of blue for the sky that sets the mood for the whole painting.  Have you ever noticed just how blue the sky over there is?  It makes everything else underneath it look more vibrant, and the air inbetween even clearer.  Well… with Canvas One, that blue and that vibrance has mellowed down a bit.

Last winter, I went on a road trip with my Italian Friend (who shall receive a blog reference name very soon, I’m just having a hard time coming up with something not too generic or sappy).  We just piled a bunch of bags, musical instruments, and blankets into his little white Fiat, bought a map of Europe, and set out for two weeks.  That’s my traveling style, never knowing where to go until I realize that there is even a fork in the road- and then I pick whatever sounds like more fun.  So, we ended up winding through the Chianti region for a couple of days before stopping by Florence for dinner.

It was cold, it was not colorful, and it was delicious.  I also admitted to me picking Florence as our break stop (well, other than it being Florence) because it had a USED bookstore in it- wait, it gets better!  A USED bookstore in Italy with ENGLISH books.  Che miracolo!  By the end of the day, our car was carrying a significant amount of additional weight : )

Anywhoo… so this is it, this is the One That Started the Countdown.  One canvas down, twenty-four more to go- before I move to Italy and paint a thousand more because I will just be in awe of all the views and inspiration on a daily basis.  But that’s for the next chapter.