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People always say how spontaneous, crazy, determined, and colorful I am.  I hope that none of these adjectives abandon me in the next few months.

I fell in love with Italy in the midst of my year-long galavant throughout Europe (most of the lazy Italian phases documented here).  And that obsessive passion hasn’t loosened its hold on me at all- if anything, it grows a little bit fiercer every day.  And each time that I have to board a plane to fly out of there, it gets more and more difficult.  So, last trip out there, I decided basta.

I’m moving there.

I’m picking everything up and moving to a little city on the Marche coastline, without any kind of plans or expectations.  I just know that that in this port city, I feel more happy, inspired, and at peace than I have at any other point in my life, anywhere else in the world.

The only thing that I needed was a date to book a ticket from Austin, TX to Ancona, Italy.  And how do I decide on one?


There are 25 canvases sitting in my room right now.  As soon as I repaint all of them, it’ll be time to move to the other side of the ocean.

What makes this exciting (other than actually forcing me to include art in life again) is that I don’t know when this will be.  My tentative guess was late January, but between auditing twelve hours of Italian at UT, working as a hospitality manager at Texas Performing Arts, and picking up shifts at Blue Dahlia, free time is… almost non-existant.  But whatever time I do manage to find, I devote to playing with palette knives, listening to Radio Italia, and sipping on wine.

I am more than excited and giddy in regards to the move, but also thoroughly enjoying every single moment before then.  Life’s great, when it is filled solely with things that make one happy (squeaky scooters and allergy reactions aside).